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Camp fYrefly

Camp fYrefly is Canada's largest summer leadership retreat for sexual and gender minority (LGBTQ) youth.

Campus Alpha (CA)

Alpha allows anyone to explore life, faith and God in a friendly, open environment. It is for exploring and questioning what Christianity is all about. We meet every Tuesday in the top floor of Campus Tower. Dinner is provided.

Campus Bible Talk (CBT)

The Campus Bible Talk (CBT) is a student group that strives to share the Bible with all students of the University of Alberta.

Campus Food Bank (CFB)

The Campus Food Bank believes that university is a place to hunger for knowledge, not food. Since 1991, we have been working to alleviate hunger on campus and to raise awareness about food insecurity at the University of Alberta.

Campus Recreation

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Our mission is to mobilize and empower individuals to invest in the positive transformation of every child's future.

Campus Vert (CV)

Le Campus Vert a comme but de rendre le Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ) plus environnemental. Devenez membre aujourd'hui!

Canadian Biomaterials Society-Alberta Student Chapter (CBS-ASC)

The CBS-ASC aims to promote biomaterials research in Alberta by enhancing involvement of students in biomaterials sciences. The mission is not only to support and expand biomaterials research, but also to provide professional networking opportunities.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Youth Action Committee, University of Alberta (CBCF YAC)

The Youth Action Committee educates those on campus regarding the breast cancer and fundraises to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in its goals.

Canadian Heavy Oil Association University of Alberta Chapter (CHOA U of A Chapter)

A technical group partnered with the CHOA to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about industry specific technical problems, economics and environmental concerns, and to have the opportunity to interact with industry partners.

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