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Campus Recreation

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Cheer Team

The University of Alberta Cheer Team is a level 6 competitive co-ed team.

Contemporary Dance Club (Mod)

A student run advanced contemporary dance company, giving dancers at the University of Alberta a chance to explore their own creativity through choreography and performance.

Dance Team

Competitive street jazz and hip hop team, with tryouts being held in September, performing at varsity basketball games, charity performances, competitions and many other events. Tryouts this year are September 10, 13 and 15! Email

Fencing Club

For beginners and continuing fencers; provides an environment where members can practice and improve skills.

Figure Skating Club

Offers opportunities to figure skate at regular times during the week; focus is on practice, not instruction.

Lacrosse Club

After receiving club status in 2011, we are driving to establish Lacrosse on campus locally and across Canada.

Paddling Club

Seasoned Paddler? Never been in a kayak before? Come join our club! The UAPC runs clinics on various kayaking skills in addition to weekly games of Canoe polo as well as wavepool sessions at WEM. Paddlers of all ability levels are welcome!

Powerlifting Club (UAPA)

Established in 2004 to encourage contact amongst individuals interested in pursuing powerlifting at a competitive level or for developing general fitness. The club holds regular training sessions and hosts competitions throughout the year.

Quidditch Club

Learn to play Quidditch!

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