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Alberta Not-for-Profit Association (ANPA)

The Alberta School of Business' not-for-profit case competition will host 8-12 teams from business schools across Canada and the United States in early March of 2017 to compete in a dynamic and innovative initiative.

EDGE Business Competition (EDGE)

EDGE Business Competition is an interactive, multidisciplinary case competition for students who strive to challenge themselves, test their skills and expand their learning beyond the classroom.

Forum for Information Professionals (FIP)

The Forum for Information Professionals (FIP) is an annual one-day conference event of presentations and discussions on current topics facing librarianship.

Network of Empowered Women (NEW)

The Network of Empowered Women (NEW) was founded to provide students with opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. Its primary focus is an annual national conference, and the secondary focus will be other events held during the year.