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Dance Team

Competitive street jazz and hip hop team, with tryouts being held in September, performing at varsity basketball games, charity performances, competitions and many other events. Tryouts this year are September 10, 13 and 15! Email

Delta Chi Alberta (DX)

The Alberta Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity

Delta Gamma Women's Fraternity (DG)

At Delta Gamma we foster high ideals of friendship among our members, promote educational and cultural interests, invest in them a true sense of social responsibility, and help to develop the best qualities of character.

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE)

A fraternity originally founded at Yale in 1844 under the open motto of "Friends from the heart forever", the Edmonton chapter, founded in 1932, strives to uphold the values of DKE: to be "a gentlemen, scholar, and jolly good fellow".

Delta Upsilon Fraternity (DU)

Delta Upsilon is the world’s largest and oldest non-secret fraternity. There are no secrets with Delta Upsilon. No secret rituals. No secret oaths. No hazing. We are proud of what Delta Upsilon stands for and we want to share that pride with the world.

Dental Awareness Society (DAS)

The Dental Awareness Society exists for the purposes of donating funds to a non-profit charity carrying out dental procedures for those without access to them and raising awareness about the lack of oral healthcare worldwide.

Dental Students Association (DSA)

The Dental Students' Association is a group that represents the dentistry and dental hygiene students at The University of Alberta.

Digital Scholars of the University of Alberta (Digital Scholars UA)

Digital Scholars UA exists at the University of Alberta to help students involved in digital research build supportive networks and assert their collective rights.

Discover Governance

Discover Governance is a program offered by the Students' Union to provide impartial advice, support and services to students who participate in University and student governance activities.