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East Campus Students' Association (ECSA)

ECSA is the student group for all residents of East Campus Village, Pinecrest, and Tamarack, as well as a number of houses that also fall under the East Campus designation.

ECCC Daniel Fellowship

ECCC Daniel Fellowship strives to provide students at the University of Alberta Biblical education in Mandarin Chinese.

EDGE Business Competition (EDGE)

EDGE Business Competition is an interactive, multidisciplinary case competition for students who strive to challenge themselves, test their skills and expand their learning beyond the classroom.

Education Students' Association (ESA)

The Education Students' Association will strive to enrich and enhance the quality of student life for Education students by providing affordable and quality services, effective academic representation and exciting opportunities for its members.

Educational Policy Studies Graduate Student Association (EPSGSA)

EPSGSA serves as the representative body for graduate students studying in the specializations of Adult Education; Educational Administration and Leadership; Indigenous Peoples Education; and Theoretical, Cultural and International Studies.

Educational Psychology Graduate Students' Assocation (EDPY GSA)

The official student group organization for graduate students in the Department of Educational Psychology.

Egyptian Students' Association (ESA)

The Egyptian Students’ Association (ESA) at the University of Alberta is part of the ESA of North America (ESANA). The ESA is a democratic student organization with a goal to protect and care for the affairs of its members and to solve their problem.

Elder Buddies

Elder Buddies is a student group created with an interest in enriching the long term care lives of seniors. The goal is to create student - senior interactions and encourage valuable communication, activities and company.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Students' Association (ECEGSA)

We are the graduate student organization responsible for the graduate students in the department of Electrical Engineering. We also address questions from undergraduate students interested in research.

Electrical Engineering Club (EE Club)

The EE Club represents all electrical engineering students, and is open to everyone. We sell lab kits, course notes, food, and merchandise. We host numerous social and professional events throughout the year.

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