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Alberta Pharmacy Students' Association (APSA)

Alberta Pharmacy Students' Association (APSA) is the group responsible for representing the interests of undergraduate pharmacy students enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta.

Business Students' Association (BSA)

The Business Students' Association is the Faculty association for the Alberta School of Business. We represent all undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Commerce Program.

Dental Students Association (DSA)

The Dental Students' Association is a group that represents the dentistry and dental hygiene students at The University of Alberta.

Education Students' Association (ESA)

The Education Students' Association will strive to enrich and enhance the quality of student life for Education students by providing affordable and quality services, effective academic representation and exciting opportunities for its members.

Engineering Students' Society of the University of Alberta (ESS)

The Engineering Students’ Society (ESS) of the University of Alberta is the student group representing all undergraduate engineering students at the U of A. The ESS provides services, social events, and professional development opportunities.

Faculty of ALES Undergraduate Student Association (FAUnA)

The purpose of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences Faculty Students' Association shall be to provide for the administration of the affairs of students in this faculty at the University of Alberta.


La SEP est une unité locale de l’Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) qui crée un lien entre la formation académique reçue au Campus Saint-Jean et la réalité du monde du travail en éducation en Alberta.

Law Students' Association (LSA)

The LSA is comprised of student members & an executive committee that organizes academic, cultural, social, athletic and networking activities, and provides services for the student body of the Faculty of Law.

Medical Students' Association (MSA)

The MSA deals with all matters of the medical student body. It is the voice of medical students as well as a means of communication between the medical student body, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the University of Alberta, and the general public.

Native Studies Students' Association (NSSA)

The NSSA will remain consistent with the philosophy of study to provide a common ground for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students to study the historical experiences and the contemporary lives, identities, rights and goals of Indigenous Peoples.

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