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Ada's Team (A*)

Our goal is to promote diversity in computing, games, and technology. By diversity, we include but are not limited to the following categories: gender, race and ethnicity, ability, sexuality, and status.

Computing Science Graduate Students' Association (CSGSA)

Student society for graduate students in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta

Super Smash Bros. Club (SSBC)

Super Smash Bros University (SSBU) is a University of Alberta student group dedicated to the video game series, Super Smash Brothers, provides a fun and welcoming environment for our competitive players to connect, socialize, and play.

UAlberta Pokémon Club (UPC)

The UAlberta Pokémon Club is a University of Alberta student group dedicated to providing an interactive forum for fans of the Pokémon franchise. Activities include but are not limited to: video and card games, movie watching, and tournaments.

University of Alberta Chess Club (The U of A chess Club)

We seek to create a friendly environment for experienced chess players as well as new chess players to learn,to compete and to share their experiences

Video Game Art and Design Club (VGAD)

VGAD’s main function is to create a community for aspiring game designers to share their ideas with like minded individuals.