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Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences Graduate Students' Association (ALES GSA)

ALES GSA exists at the University of Alberta for the purpose of promoting its mission and goals and providing graduate students and post-docs with the opportunity for involvement, leadership, service, and professional experience.

Art and Design Graduate Student Association (ADGSA)

The Art and Design Graduate Student Association is intended as a platform for the graduate students of the University of Alberta Department of Art and Design to organize student-run activities.

Association of Graduate Anthropology Students (AGAS)

Department of Anthropology Graduate students

ATLAS Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Students' Society (ATLAS)

This society is in place to represent all graduate students in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department.

Biochemistry Graduate Students' Association of the University of Alberta (BCGSA)

A departmental student group that aims to provide graduate students in the department of Biochemistry with social, academic and recreational opportunities and to provide a voice in departmental, faculty, GSA, and University affairs.

Biology Graduate Students Association (BGSA)

To provide a framework that will allow for organized administration of the academic, political, and social interests of graduate students in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Chemical and Materials Engineering Graduate Students' Association (CMEGSA)

As a graduate student group of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, we seek to share ideas and organize academic, professional development, and social events.

Chemistry Graduate Students' Society (CGSS)

The Chemistry Graduate Students' Society is composed of chemistry graduate students. Our focus is on organizing social events within the Department of Chemistry.

Chinese Graduate Students Club (CGSC)

Chinese Graduate Students Club is a student group, which is mainly formed by Chinese graduate students at the University of Alberta and aims at supplying comprehensive services, both on daily life and professional development, for her members at UofA.

Circumpolar Students' Association (CSA)

The Circumpolar Students’ Association (CSA) is a group of students at the University of Alberta dedicated towards the development, support, and continuation of northern studies and research.

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