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Habesha Students' Association (HSA)

The HSA is a student group looking to create opportunities and events that can help strengthen the Habesha community and promotes a stronger and successful future.

Health & Wellness Movement (HWM)

The Health & Wellness Movement is an initiative driven by a group of students that are passionate about improving student wellness.

Health and Wellness Services

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive wellness services that are accessible, compassionate and innovative to promote the health and well-being of the University of Alberta Community.

Healthnuts (HN)

Healthnuts is a student group committed to reducing food insecurity on campus by offering free group kitchens, where students are taught the skills required to prepare healthy and affordable meals at home.

Heart and Stroke Foundation Students' Association, University of Alberta (HSF)

Heart and Stroke Foundation Students' Association aims to fundraise and to promote cardiovascular health awareness for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta. Numerous leadership and volunteering opportunities are available!

Heart of the City Music Program Edmonton (HCMP)

The Heart of the City Music Program (HCMP) provides a way for members of the community to share their love of music with children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to receive private music lessons for piano and guitar.

Help, Learn & Discover (HLD)

Help, Learn & Discover is an international volunteer organization which constructs homes for underprivileged families living in rural Ecuador. This student group will fundraise for the supplies and labor required to construct 20 houses each year.

Helping Hands (HH)

Helping Hands (HH) designates our members to donate time and effort to different volunteer/charity organizations monthly.

History and Classics Graduate Students' Association (HCGSA)

Our mandate is to represent the interests of members and to further the intellectual and social interests of graduate students in the disciplines of History and Classics. This is done through scholastic events such as the annual graduate conference.

History and Classics Undergraduate Society (HCUS)

To promote and encourage the study of history and classics, assist undergraduates in their studies to include, but not the exclusion of, fostering a sense of community within the History and Classics department within the University community.

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