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Creative Writing Club (CWC)

The Creative Writing Club (CWC) is a campus student group dedicated to the love of creative writing in all of its forms. We provide a space for writers of all levels to write, and promote the sharing of writing in a judgement-free environment :)

Filmmakers Club The Filmmakers club is dedicated to creating short films for fun. Ever wanted to act, direct, produce your own films? Join the Filmmaker's Club and check out our facebook page to get involved.

Friends Across Campus (F.A.C.)

Our mission is to facilitate the formation of lasting friendships throughout the UAlberta community. We accomplish this by hosting “speed-friending” and other fun networking and outreach events in a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental environment.

Institute for Space Science Exploration and Technology Students (“ISSET Students” or "AlbertaSat" or “the UofA Space Club”)

ISSET Students’ goal is to increase the awareness of Canadian space science and technology and provide opportunities for University of Alberta students to become involved in space related activities.

Japanese Drama Society (JDS)

The Japanese Drama Society meets every 1st and 3rd Saturday from October to April and has an annual Japanese stage production in May. Anybody who is interested in acting or helping in any way is welcome. No need to be able to speak Japanese!

Law Show

The University of Alberta Law Show features a musical production put on by law students, faculty and staff at the University of Alberta. All proceeds from ticket sales and our silent auction go to a local charitable organization.


Nous sommes des artists, des étudians, des amateurs et des entrepreneurs qui veut apprendre et appliquer la photographie dans la context franco-albertaine et ailleurs!