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Kappa Alpha Theta

The Beta Chi chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was installed at the University of Alberta on September 26th 1931. As a chapter we strive for excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service and seek to make the widest influence for good.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity (KS)

We are an international men's fraternity whose primary objectives are to build character, network, and provide an overall enriching university experience for all our members. We are looking to make waves in the community and need great men like you!

Keys for Seniors

Keys for Seniors is a program that enables volunteers to share their musical talents in meaningful ways by teaching seniors to play the piano. Volunteers will hold weekly one-on-one lessons with seniors residing in nearby senior homes.

KGK: East Asian Studies Undergraduate Students' Association (KGK)

KGK is an association which aims to promote studying in the East Asian Studies Department at the University of Alberta, increased visibility of the department, and a socially inclusive environment for all students within the department.

Korean Business Students' Association (CoBiz)

A student club for Korean business students at University of Alberta, which is created to assist its members overall need for new and continuing education.

Korean Students' Association (KOSA) (KOSA)

KOSA is a student organization of Korean students at the University of Alberta.