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La SEP est une unité locale de l’Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) qui crée un lien entre la formation académique reçue au Campus Saint-Jean et la réalité du monde du travail en éducation en Alberta.

Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Students Group of the University of Alberta (LMP Student Group/LM&PSG)

The aims and objectives of the LM&PSG shall be to facilitate communication between those in the field of Laboratory Medicine & Pathology.

Lacrosse Club

After receiving club status in 2011, we are driving to establish Lacrosse on campus locally and across Canada.

Lambda Chi Alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha serves as a co-curricular experience to complement higher education by providing young men with opportunities for academic achievement, leadership development, and lifelong friendships.

Latin American Students' Association (LASA)

The Latin American Students' Association (LASA) is a student group aimed at introducing and promoting the Latin American culture to the community of the University of Alberta, by organizing cultural and recreational events.

Law Show

The University of Alberta Law Show features a musical production put on by law students, faculty and staff at the University of Alberta. All proceeds from ticket sales and our silent auction go to a local charitable organization.

Law Students' Association (LSA)

The LSA is comprised of student members & an executive committee that organizes academic, cultural, social, athletic and networking activities, and provides services for the student body of the Faculty of Law.

Law Students for Access Together (LSAT)

A University of Alberta club dedicated to advocating for the interests of law students with disabilities and assisting in their transition to careers.

Law Students for Inclusion & Diversity (LSID)

We are a group of law students from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law who are dedicated to fostering inclusion and diversity in the legal community through awareness, advocacy and community involvement.

Leadership & Recognition (L&R)

Welcome to the Leadership & Recognition page! Here you can explore the leadership development opportunities that are offered through the Students’ Union and find out how you can be recognized for your involvement on campus.

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