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Malaysian Students' Association (MASAuofa)

Malaysian Student Association exists as a platform to unite Malaysians in our attempt in creating 'home away from home'.

Mathematical Sciences Society (MSS)

The University of Alberta Undergraduate Mathematical Sciences Society, or MSS, is a society for students who bear an interest in mathematics regardless of their particular area of study.

MBA Association (MBAA)

The MBA Association aims to improve the overall quality and value of the MBA experience by organizing events and initiatives for students to get involved and contribute to the betterment of the MBA program.

Mechanical Engineering Club (MecE Club)

The University of Alberta Mechanical Engineering Club represents all of the nearly 1000 mechanical engineering undergraduate students at the U of A. The MecE Club organizes mixers, campus rec sports teams, and many other events to get students involved.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students’ Assocation (MEGSA)

MEGSA exists under the student clubs section of the University of Alberta Students' Union Constitution and will also be recognized by the Graduate Students Association at the University of Alberta

Medical Laboratory Student's Association (MLSA)

We are a representation of our student body committed to maintaining and promoting a healthy, safe, and friendly environment for our members to learn within.

Medical Microbiology and Immunology Graduate Student Association (MMI GSA)

The Medical Microbiology and Immunology Graduate Student Association (MMI GSA) represents and is operated by MMI graduate students. We strive to enrich MMI graduate students academic, profession and social lives.

Medical Students' Association (MSA)

The MSA deals with all matters of the medical student body. It is the voice of medical students as well as a means of communication between the medical student body, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the University of Alberta, and the general public.

Mercy Ships U of A (MSUA)

Welcome to the Mercy Ships U of A chapter! As a student group our goal is to raise awareness as well as funds for the amazing work Mercy Ships does- providing free primary healthcare to the world's most impoverished.

Michener Park Residents' Association (MPRA)

The MPRA is a student group that advocates, serves and facilitates a diverse community of residents in Michener Park (MP).The MPRA promotes an environment that is conducive to maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life

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