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Native Studies Students' Association (NSSA)

The NSSA will remain consistent with the philosophy of study to provide a common ground for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students to study the historical experiences and the contemporary lives, identities, rights and goals of Indigenous Peoples.

Nepalese Scholars' Association of University of Alberta (NESA)

NESA is a Diaspora of Nepalese Scholars at the University of Alberta, which aims to bring the Edmonton community closer to Nepal through academic, social and cultural initiatives.

Network of Empowered Women (NEW)

The Network of Empowered Women (NEW) was founded to provide students with opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. Its primary focus is an annual national conference, and the secondary focus will be other events held during the year.

Neuroscience Graduate Students' Association (NGSA)

The purpose of the NGSA shall be to promote neuroscience within the graduate student population at the University of Alberta. As well, it shall serve as the organizational body for social and sport events for neuroscience graduate students.

Neuroscience Students' Association (NSA)

The NSA offers a social network and academic support to students enrolled in or interested in the Neuroscience Honours program.

New Chapter Foundation (NCF)

New Chapter Foundation was created to aid the less fortunate of the world to achieve a better standard of living by providing access to clean water, nourishment and shelter to those which did not previously enjoy these basic necessities.

Newton Place Residents' Association (NPRA)

We provide programs and services to residents of the University of Alberta Newton Place residence. Also, we represent resident interests at higher levels of governance. Our goal is to enhance the residence experience and sense of community for residents.

Nigerian Students' Association of University of Alberta (NSAUofA)

The NSA provides a platform for the cultivation of a strong sense of unity and community among Nigerian and Non-Nigerian students and for facilitating intercultural understanding between our members and other students at the University of Alberta.

Nursing Graduate Students' Association (NGSA)

The Nursing Graduate Students' Association is the official voice of graduate nursing students at the University of Alberta. The NGSA promotes the general welfare, social, recreational, cultural and intellectual endeavors of all graduate nursing students.

Nursing Undergraduate Association (NUA)

The official Faculty Association for the University of Alberta Faculty of Nursing Undergraduate Students.

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