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Occupational Therapy PDC (OTPDC)

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) will provide a structure for Occupational Therapy students to explore areas of professional interest and concern in a current and up-to date context.

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability helps advance and profile sustainability practices and programs across the University of Alberta.  We offer a number of services and resources to inform and inspire staff and faculty to adopt sustainable

Office of the Dean of Students (Dean of Students)

The Dean of Students plays an important role in defining and maintaining a healthy  and respectful relationship between the University of Alberta and its students. In  fulfilling this mandate, the Office of the Dean of Students: provides

Operations Management Club (OM Club)

The Operations Management Club (OMC) organizes events, such as seminars, mixers, site tours, and meetings, for the purpose of promoting the business field of Operations Management.

Order of Omega (OoO)

The Order of Omega is an honors and leadership society for members of Greek organizations.The Iota Omicron chapter at the University of Alberta recognizes students who have exemplified high standards in scholarship, leadership and community involvement.

Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness at the University of Alberta (OTDA at the UofA)

One organ donor can save eight lives. OTDA at the UofA shall work towards increasing the awareness of students at the University of Alberta of the need for organ and tissue donors, and provide education regarding the registration and donation process.

Organization of Alberta Students in Speech (OASIS)

The goals and objectives of OASIS are as follows: To promote professional development within the realms of speech, language and hearing. ? To coordinate involvement of and stimulate interest in the activities of OASIS, thereby fostering unity

Organization of Botany Students (OBS)

The OBS is one of the oldest organizations in the Department of Biological Sciences. We encourage botanical interests among students through plant sales, workshops, tours, social events, and much more, including an undergraduate scholarship.


OUTlaw promotes the interests and well being of LGBTTQ persons and their allies in the Faculty of Law and in the community through social events and educational opportunities.


OUTreach is a LGBTQ+ and allied social group dedicated to creating safer, social spaces for people to gather, make connections and engage in community building with queer friendly individuals.

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