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P.S. Warren Geological Society (P.S. Warren)

A society for EAS students and faculty at the University of Alberta

Pacific Educational Access for Kids Association (PEAK)

PEAK is a Canadian-registered charity with the purpose of promoting social responsibility, and improving the living conditions and educational access of underprivileged children in China.

Paddling Club

Seasoned Paddler? Never been in a kayak before? Come join our club! The UAPC runs clinics on various kayaking skills in addition to weekly games of Canoe polo as well as wavepool sessions at WEM. Paddlers of all ability levels are welcome!

Pakistani Students' Association (PSA)

The University of Alberta Pakistani Students' Association exists to promote Pakistan on campus and the wider Edmonton community. It also serves as a platform for Pakistanis students to come together at the U of A in an accepting, supportive and friendly

Palestine Solidarity Network - UofA (PSN - UofA)

A non-profit, grassroots collective aimed at advocating and upholding the human rights of Palestinians in the face of ongoing oppression, occupation, racism and discrimination, both in occupied Palestine and in the diaspora.

Pediatric Student Involvement Group (PSIG)

Pediatric Student Involvement Group (PSIG) is a graduate student group focused on providing opportunities to enhance the graduate student experience and to create a sense of community within the Department of Pediatrics.

Peer Support Centre (PSC)

The Peer Support Centre offers the University community a place to talk to someone for support. The PSC has provided students and staff with information, referrals, crisis intervention, and a completely confidential place to talk since 1969.


Pentecost Students and Associates (PENSA) aims to lead all individuals who are graduates or pursuing higher education towards a deeper commitment in God in lifestyle and service. Our programs are designed to meet your spiritual, physical & emotional needs

Pharmacology Graduate Students' Association (PGSA) (PGSA)

The PGSA provides social and academic services for graduate students in the Department of Pahrmacology. Additionaly, we aim to foster communication and interaction among the students.

Pharmacology Students' Association (PSA)

The PSA intends on educating undergraduate students about the field of pharmacology, and the career and learning opportunities available within the area of drug research and development.

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