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Cheer Team

The University of Alberta Cheer Team is a level 6 competitive co-ed team.

Club de Foot Francophone (CFF)

Jouez au soccer avec nous au mois de septembre, et au futsal au mois de janvier. Nous avons une équipe masculine ainsi qu'une équipe féminine. Nous jouons dans la ligue du Campus Rec.

Club de Volleyball Francophone (CVF)

Le Club de Volleyball Francophone is a Campus Saint Jean based volleyball club which emphasizes Francophone culture and community.

Dance Team

Competitive street jazz and hip hop team, with tryouts being held in September, performing at varsity basketball games, charity performances, competitions and many other events. Tryouts this year are September 10, 13 and 15! Email

East Campus Dodgeball League (ECD)

The East Campus Dodgeball League is available to any student living in an East Campus residences. ECD was created with the intended goal of providing a chance for inter-residence dodgeball gameplay and equal opportunity for all East Campus residents.

Équipe de hockey féminin du FAC (Les Croissants)

We are a club that represents Campus Saint Jean in the Women’s Ice Hockey Intramural leagues. We promote playing ice hockey in all levels of ability and in a predominantly French environment.

Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIMC)

To foster collaborative inter-professional relationships and leadership skills on campus between exercise, health and other disciplines that support the EIMC vision and goals.

Falun Dafa Student Group (FDSG)

Falun Dafa also known as Falun Gong is a traditional Chinese self-cultivation practice that improves mental and physical wellness through a series of easy to learn exercises, meditation and development of one’s “Heart/Mind Nature” (Xinxing).

Fencing Club

For beginners and continuing fencers; provides an environment where members can practice and improve skills.

Figure Skating Club

Offers opportunities to figure skate at regular times during the week; focus is on practice, not instruction.

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