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Ahmadiyya Muslim Students' Association (AMSA)

The student branch of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Edmonton.

Ansar Youth Association (AYA)

Seek to serve the community by fostering relationships with youth and cultivating a sense of ownership and leadership to the community. We try to achieve this by providing opportunities to learn, volunteer, gather skills and make connections in the city.

Asian Students on Campus-InterVarsity (ASC)

Asian Students on Campus (ASC) is a chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF), and is proudly the first Asian-based IVCF community in Canada. Being one-of-a-kind, ASC offers a community that welcomes Christian and non-Christian Asian students.

Campus Alpha (CA)

Alpha allows anyone to explore life, faith and God in a friendly, open environment. It is for exploring and questioning what Christianity is all about. We meet every Tuesday in the top floor of Campus Tower. Dinner is provided.

Campus Bible Talk (CBT)

The Campus Bible Talk (CBT) is a student group that strives to share the Bible with all students of the University of Alberta.

Catholic Students Association (CSA)

The Catholic Students’ Association is a student-run Catholic group at the University of Alberta.

Chabad on Campus (Chabad)

To provide physical and spiritual assistance, and strengthen Jewish awareness and identity.

ECCC Daniel Fellowship

ECCC Daniel Fellowship strives to provide students at the University of Alberta Biblical education in Mandarin Chinese.

Friendship for Overseas College and University Students (FOCUS)

FOCUS (Friendship for Overseas College and Univeristy Students) is a Christian club on campus for the purpose of providing unconditional friendship for international students and Bible studies for any who might be interested.

International Friendship Group (IFG)

We welcome and serve ALL International students and help them have an enjoyable and meaningful experience. Students can choose to learn about what it means to follow Jesus, but we respect all beliefs while clearly communicating Jesus' unconditional love.

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