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Association des Résidents de la Faculté Saint-Jean (ARFSJ)

L'ARFSJ est le conseil qui organize les activités & plaide pour les étudiants qui vivent dans la Résidence Saint Jean. The ARFSJ is the council that organizes activities & advocates for the students living with la Résidence Saint Jean.

East Campus Students' Association (ECSA)

ECSA is the student group for all residents of East Campus Village, Pinecrest, and Tamarack, as well as a number of houses that also fall under the East Campus designation.

Graduate Residence Student Council (GRSC)

Graduate Residence is a residence at the University of Alberta in the beautiful East Campus community at the eastern edge of campus. Every resident in the residence is a member of the Graduate Residence Student Council (GRSC)

HUB Community Association (HCA)

The HCA is the official student group representing HUB residents at the University of Alberta. All HUB residents are members of the HCA.

Lister Hall Students' Association (LHSA)

We are the residence students' association group in Lister. We work to program for all residents of our community, advocate for our communities best interests, work to further the community around us, and create a welcoming environment in Lister.

Michener Park Residents' Association (MPRA)

The MPRA is a student group that advocates, serves and facilitates a diverse community of residents in Michener Park (MP).The MPRA promotes an environment that is conducive to maintaining a healthy balance between work and family life

Newton Place Residents' Association (NPRA)

We provide programs and services to residents of the University of Alberta Newton Place residence. Also, we represent resident interests at higher levels of governance. Our goal is to enhance the residence experience and sense of community for residents.

University of Alberta International House Community Council (IHCC)

The students' association for International House. We are a cooperative body that operates by consensus-based meeting and decision-making. We organize programming and events with the aim of fostering an international understanding for our residents.

University of Alberta Residence Halls Association (UARHA)

The RHA (University of Alberta Residence Halls Association) holds as its members every resident of the University of Alberta, and works to represent them within the University Governance, and to advocate on their behalf wherever necessary.