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Safe Spaces Initiative

Safe Spaces Initiative helps to foster a safe and supportive climate for sexual and gender minority undergraduate students on campus.


Safewalk provides a safe alternative to walking alone at night around the campus community and beyond. We are a free-of-charge service. Call us for a walk (4-WALK-ME (780-492-5563). We recruit volunteers in September and January!

Sahaja Yoga Society (SYS)

We offer FREE Sahaja Yoga meditation classes to everyone, which help to relieve stress, anxiety, irritability & depression, and helps in enjoying the inner peace and joy within each individual. You’re most welcome to join us for a practical experience! :)

SAS Social Group (SASSG)

This social group is designated (but not exclusive) to students with disabilities on campus. A group that fosters social interactions and makes room for people with disabilities to have a social foundation at the University of Alberta.

School of Public Health Students' Association (SPHSA)

The School of Public Health Students' Association (SPHSA) exists to serve, represent, and advocate on behalf of the students of the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta.

Science FUNdamentals Foundation of Alberta (SciFUN)

Science FUNdamentals makes science fun for our youth. We pair up our 150 volunteers and send them to elementary classrooms throughout Edmonton once a month to spend an hour going through fun and interactive science demos. A science background not needed.

Scuba Club (U of A Scuba Club)

The U of A Scuba Appreciation Club organizes events for scuba divers and people who want to try Scuba diving. In addition, we have a number of social events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Shack Student Group (SSG)

A group dedicated to teaching students new skills related to 3D modeling and printing. With access to cutting-edge technologies, students will be provided opportunities to learn and grow to meet the demands of the modern world.

Sikh Students' Association (SSA)

To establish a strong network of students on campus wanting to explore and learn more about the Sikh way of life.

Socialist Fightback (Fightback)

Socialist Fightback is a students, youth and workers organization with the aim of fighting for the socialist transformation of society. We do this through educating the public about the ideas of socialism and being involved in social movement

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