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Alpha Gamma Delta (Alpha Gam)

Alpha Gamma Delta is an international women's fraternity promoting academic excellence, philanthropic giving, ongoing leadership and personal development.

Alpha Psi Sorority (Alpha Psi)

Alpha Psi is a local sorority which was created to provide University of Alberta students with an alternative to established Panhellenic fraternities on campus.

Anjoman Andisheh (Andisheh)

The Anjoman Andisheh is a non-political, non-profit association, with no religious affiliation, aimed at promoting critical dialogues on social, cultural and historical topics.

Banzai Anime Klub of Alberta (BAKA)

BAKA is a social club for anime and Japanese culture appreciation, we meet on Monday evenings and watch anime from 6-9pm. We also participate in local conventions (such as Animethon) as a representative of post-secondary membership.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

We aim help new Chinese students and scholars adapt the new academic and culture environment; to assist them on academic and working challenges; to promote Chinese culture, and establish friendship between other Chinese and Canadian Organizations.

Circle K International (circlek)

The Circle K International Club at the University of Alberta is a very unique volunteer club due to our three tenets: Service, Leadership and Fellowship.

Citizen Talk

A group where students discuss and debate news, politics, and current events. We film documentaries, carry out interviews and create podcasts to keep students up to date on whats going on in the world.

Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE)

A fraternity originally founded at Yale in 1844 under the open motto of "Friends from the heart forever", the Edmonton chapter, founded in 1932, strives to uphold the values of DKE: to be "a gentlemen, scholar, and jolly good fellow".

Engineering Transfer Students Society (ETSS)

The Engineering Transfer Students Society is committed to providing peer support for engineering transfer students, promoting an engineering transfer community and advocating for Engineering Transfer programs.

Friends Across Campus (F.A.C.)

Our mission is to facilitate the formation of lasting friendships throughout the UAlberta community. We accomplish this by hosting “speed-friending” and other fun networking and outreach events in a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental environment.

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