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Alberta Law Review Society (Alberta Law Review)

The Alberta Law Review is a peer-reviewed legal academic journal that is published quarterly and run by law students at the University of Alberta.

Augustana Free Press (Augustana Medium)

The Augustana Free Press is the official student group of the Augustana Free Press Ltd, a student publishing company which publishes the Augustana Medium. The Medium services the University of Alberta Augustana Campus and the greater Camrose area.

Health Explorers Magazine (Health Explorers)

Health Explorers has a mandate to provide its member’s opportunities to express their views, educate others and develop leadership skills centered around health related issues in society.

Lazy Faire Magazine

Business magazine run for and by students.

Rare Disease Review

To provide an in-depth, comprehensive review of rare diseases, and to share the experiences and struggles of individuals with rare diseases to the general public.