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5 Days for the Homeless (5D4H)

Annual event where a group of university students live "homeless" on campus for 5 days and 5 nights in an effort to raise funds and awareness to help combat youth homelessness in Edmonton.

Campus Food Bank (CFB)

The Campus Food Bank believes that university is a place to hunger for knowledge, not food. Since 1991, we have been working to alleviate hunger on campus and to raise awareness about food insecurity at the University of Alberta.

Campus Vert (CV)

Le Campus Vert a comme but de rendre le Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ) plus environnemental. Devenez membre aujourd'hui!

Environmental Conservation Science Students Association (ECSA)

The ECSA is the official body that represents all undergraduate students within the Environmental Conservation Sciences (ENCS) program at the University of Alberta.

Financial Literacy Club (Piggy Bankers)

This group was founded to provide educational services for students and faculty members to understand and apply financial knowledge in order to enhance their own financial well being and help facilitate the prosperity of others.

Geography and Planning Students' Society (GAPSS)

GAPSS exists to provide services to students in the Human Geography program and the Planning program at the University of Alberta, or those who are interested in issues surrounding Human Geography and Planning.

Healthnuts (HN)

Healthnuts is a student group committed to reducing food insecurity on campus by offering free group kitchens, where students are taught the skills required to prepare healthy and affordable meals at home.

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability helps advance and profile sustainability practices and programs across the University of Alberta.  We offer a number of services and resources to inform and inspire staff and faculty to adopt sustainable

Organization of Botany Students (OBS)

The OBS is one of the oldest organizations in the Department of Biological Sciences. We encourage botanical interests among students through plant sales, workshops, tours, social events, and much more, including an undergraduate scholarship.

Renewable Resources Graduate Students' Association (RENR GSA)

RENR GSA exists at the U of A for the purpose of promoting its mission and goals and providing graduate students in the department of Renewable Resources with the opportunity for involvement, leadership, service, and professional experience.