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U of A Cantonese Fellowship (UACF)

We are a student group from Edmonton Christian Community Church (ECCC). Mainly, we focus on supporting student activities for the Cantonese community at U of A.

U of A Kinesiology Games (UAlberta Kin Games)

We organize a team of 24 people each year to attend the Kinesiology Games Conference each March. The Kinesiology Games is a national undergraduate kinesiology, physical education, recreation, and sport science conference attended by 800 students.

U of A Navigators (Navs)

The U of A Navigators provide the university community a place to explore about Jesus and the Christian faith in open, honest and caring environment. We seek to represent Jesus and present the Christian faith in a loving and compelling manner.

U of A Networking Group (FACTSnetUofA)

The UofA networking group facilitates networks that potentially include faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the University that work together for common objectives. We work together with other networks to facilitate resources for members.

U of A Ski and Snowboard Club (UASSC)

We were founded in 1962 by some dedicated ski bums, and since then have grown into one of the largest student groups on campus. We ski, we snowboard, and we love to be social.

U of A Students' Union (SU)

Welcome to your Students' Union! We are a student-centric organization that serves as a strong advocate for undergraduate students at all levels of government and at the university.

U School

U School invites students from grades 4 to 9 to campus for a week-long educational experience at UAlberta.

UA Chinese Bible Study Fellowship (UACBSF)

The goal of our group is to spread Gospel of Bible among Mandarin-speaking students, visiting scholar and post-doc on campus through weekly Bible study fellowship meeting.

UAlberta Ambassador Program (UAP)

The UAlberta Ambassador Program is here to show past, present and future members of the UAlberta community why this is an excellent place to be!

UAlberta Picnic Club (UAPC)

A group dedicated to good food and meeting new people. We host biweekly picnics at various times on campus with the intention of making new friendships over baked goods and icebreakers.

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