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Water Polo Club

The University of Alberta Water Polo Club is a group of water polo enthusiasts that meet every Tuesday of Fall and Winter term at the University of Alberta West Pool. Please visit our Facebook page at

Women's Law Forum (WLF)

The Women's Law Forum works to advance the status of women in the law by promoting dialogue on women's issues, fundraising for social causes, and providing resources to improve the occupational opportunities for female students at the Faculty of Law.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC)

*WUSC is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions who believe that all peoples are entitled to the knowledge necessary to contribute to a more equitable world. Our mission is to foster human development and global understanding

Write Club (Insert Here)

The Write Club is a student group dedicated to creating a supportive community for writers - to encourage creative writing, to raise awareness of writing opportunities and to help students gain confidence in their writing.