Parent Organization: University of Alberta

Originally started at the Alberta School of Business in 2005, 5 Days for the Homeless has become a nationally recognized charity campaign, with more than 25 universities across Canada participating in the 2013/2014 event. The event generally consists of a small group of students (5-10) that give up their creature comforts for 5 days and 5 nights, and live homeless on campus to raise funds and awareness to help combat youth homelessness in Edmonton. Each team member is allowed only a sleeping bag, pillow, and the clothes on their back for the 5 Days. The team can earn no form of income, so all food they consume must be via donation. Any non-perishable food donations and 100% of monetary donations are passed on to the youth shelter beneficiary. All team members must attend all classes during the 5 Days, and can only use school facilities (libraries, washrooms, computers, excluding shower facilities) during the day. The team must be outside from 7pm to 7am every night and is not allowed to return indoors during that time unless inclement weather becomes a factor. Each member, save for the Public Relations director, is not allowed access to their cellphone or laptop or any other form of social network for the course of the 5 Days (1 cellphone is kept with the PR director at all times in case of emergency), and school computers are to be used strictly for school purposes.

Address 3-23 Business Building
University of Alberta
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