Event Time and Date

Tuesday, March 21 2017, 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM

The name of the event is “Free Inner Peace Meditation Workshop”

● It’s Simple, It’s Effective, It’s Free....

● The aim of our group’s event is to give as many people as possible an arrangement to learn and practice the Sahaja Yoga meditation technique, which helps to relieve stress, anxiety, irritability & depression, thus providing solid inner peace and physical, mental & emotional balance in our lives.

● The main intention of teaching this method of yoga to students is to create in them the ability to take their attention inside, thus giving them a more balanced approach towards life. Unfortunately, due to the chaotic world we live in, student’s attention is often agitated, restless and inconsistent. Far from their ‘inner’ selves, they tend to project themselves outside, often getting lost in the external world. The techniques we are proposing allow the participants, in a simple and fun way, to activate and strengthen their fundamental listening and attention skills. It helps them to be balanced, to have self-confidence, a feeling of inner peace and an increased understanding of themselves and others. Through this event, the student’s are taken on an enjoyable journey, discovering the beauty of their ‘inner self’.

● The event involves an active interaction with all the interested persons passing by. This interaction may include a short introduction explaining the significance of the event; Introduction to Sahaja Yoga techniques and meditation; and then most importantly the ‘Practical experience’ of this relaxation technique.

● There will be Artistic contribution: music, songs etc. during the event for everyone around to enjoy the meditation and the event.

● Sahaja Yoga is simple and spontaneous, and we have achieved great results in the past with our team of enthusiastic volunteers and spontaneous word of mouth.

● We will set up one table with few chairs (4-6) for the participants to sit and meditate. The success of our event largely depends on the footfall of the location, so I would like to request a small stall space in Student’s Union Building.

Students' Union Building

University of Alberta Students' Union Building, University of Alberta 8900 - 114 Street NW T6G 2J7, Edmonton, Alberta